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Discover the extraordinary world of rare rums brought to you by RARERUMCLUB. Our carefully curated selection of limited release rums promises a journey through exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite taste. Explore these rare treasures and indulge in the art of rum-making at its finest.

Foursquare 2005 Milano Festival

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Foursquare 2005 Milano Festival is a limited release rum crafted by the renowned Foursquare Distillery in Barbados. Created exclusively for the 2005 Milano festival, this expression showcases the distillery's expertise and commitment to quality. With its exceptional aging process, Foursquare 2005 Milano Festival promises an extraordinary drinking experience for rum enthusiasts.

Tasting Notes:
This remarkable rum offers an inviting aroma of caramel, vanilla, and oak, hinting at its years of meticulous aging. On the palate, it delights with notes of dried fruits, toffee, and a subtle hint of spice that intertwines seamlessly with the rich, velvety mouthfeel. The finish is long-lasting and wonderfully balanced, leaving behind a lingering warmth and a touch of sweet oak. Foursquare 2005 Milano Festival is truly a treat for the senses, delivering a memorable and indulgent rum drinking experience.

Price: £180.00 for 70cl

Foursquare Isonomy

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Foursquare Isonomy is an exquisite rum that blends tradition and innovation harmoniously. With its rich golden hue, this rum immediately captivates the senses. On the nose, enticing aromas of caramel, vanilla, and hints of toasted oak entwine, awakening the palate with anticipation. The first sip reveals a symphony of flavors, as notes of ripe tropical fruits, warm spices, and a luscious sweetness dance effortlessly. The velvety texture and well-balanced nature of this rum make it a true pleasure to savor. Foursquare Isonomy is a shining example of the mastery and dedication that goes into crafting exceptional rums.

Price: £189.99 for 700ml

Foursquare Plenipotenziario

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Foursquare Plenipotenziario is a rum that tantalizes the taste buds with its exquisite blend of flavors. With each sip, one is greeted by a harmonious medley of rich caramel, velvety vanilla, and decadent dark chocolate. The aroma is intoxicating, offering hints of exotic spices and oak. This rum captivates the palate with its luscious texture and well-balanced sweetness. The smoothness of Foursquare Plenipotenziario is complemented by a subtle warmth, leaving a lingering finish that brings immense satisfaction. With its complex character and impeccable craftsmanship, this rum is truly a testament to Foursquare Distillery's dedication to producing exceptional spirits.

Price: £199.99 for 70cl

Foursquare Triptych

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Foursquare Triptych is a superb rum by Barbados' renowned Foursquare Distillery. Its rich amber color and inviting viscosity tantalize the senses. A harmonious blend of vanilla, caramel, and toasted oak greets the nose. On the palate, dark chocolate and roasted coffee beans lead to luscious notes of raisins and figs with delicate hints of baking spices. The velvety mouthfeel enhances the experience. With a long and satisfying finish, Foursquare Triptych exemplifies the balance between sweetness and oakiness. Crafted with utmost dedication, this rum is a must-try for those who appreciate sophisticated flavors and exceptional craftsmanship.

Price: £490.00 for 700ml

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