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Indulge in the extraordinary world of Bombarda Rum - where craftsmanship, flavor, and history unite to deliver exceptional rum experiences. Explore our exquisite blends and limited releases, each meticulously crafted to tantalize your taste buds and create lasting memories.

Our Blends


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Tasting Notes:
Aromas: Kiwi, green plantain, sarsaparilla, cinnamint
Palate: Dried fruits, toffee, subtle spice
Finish: Roasted pineapple, tamarind, allspice, toasted brioche
Price: £46.99

Our award-winning Lost Barrel Falconet Blend is a masterful fusion of 8 to 15-year dark rums sourced from Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Guyana, and Panama. Best served neat, on the rocks, or in an Old Fashioned, Falconet boasts a gold color and a tantalizing blend of kiwi, green plantain, sarsaparilla, and cinnamint aromas. This versatile rum promises a vibrant, layered, and unforgettable drinking experience.


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Tasting Notes:
Aromas: Caramel gelato, sandalwood
Palate: Bright, peppery, baking spices, cracked pepper
Price: £42.00

Our award-winning Lost Barrel Culverin Blend, a cunning concoction of 5 to 8-year dark rums from Barbados, Dominican Republic, and Panama. Culverin surprises with bursts of flavor and a golden straw color. Expect aromas of caramel gelato and sandalwood, leading to a bright, peppery finish with baking spices and cracked pepper. This easy-going rum is a versatile addition to your home bar.


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Tasting Notes:
Aromas: Delicate caramel butter
Palate: Smooth texture, comforting warmth, rich wood undertones, cherry-almond, crushed cacao nibs
Price: £49.99

Introducing Bombarda Rum's latest treasure, the eagerly anticipated Capitana. This exceptional 8-year-old Panamanian Dark rum has been meticulously double-aged in white oak and bourbon casks, resulting in a relentless fusion of flavors that will strike your taste buds with a tropical fury!

Souvereign XO Limited Release

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Tasting Notes:
Aromas: Golden sweetness, marmalade, bitter orange peel, Demerara raisin, wood, spice
Palate: Rich, complex, and delightfully sweet
Price: £198.00

Bombarda's Sovereign XO 22 Dark Guyana Rum is our second "Ship of the Line" Small Batch release. Distilled in Demerara's Wooden Coffey Enmore Still, tropically aged for over 12 years in white oak barrels. She's an exquisite premium dark rum fit for an admiral or a collector, proudly presented in a stunning well-defined gold cannon.


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Plunder is a blend of 3 premium silver rums from Jamaica, Trinidad and Dominican Republic. Great for Cocktails.
Price: £34.99

Revenge Jamaican Spiced Rum

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Revenge Jamaican Spiced pot still rum. Notes of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Naturally infused, no added sugar or caramel.
Price: £38.99

Pre-order now and secure your piece of rum history. Shipping starts on November 1st. Experience the legacy, embrace the flavor, and savor the excellence of Bombarda Rum.

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